abbie norbury

Abbie Norbury is a media, health and wellbeing professional with a varied background. Having started out in Media, working in video production, TV and Magazines for 8yrs, she then found her passion for yoga and nutrition soon became an obsession, so she retrained as a Nutritional Therapist and Yoga Teacher/Therapist. Having spent the past six years on air as a radio presenter, Abbie now combines her love of media with her passion for the wellbeing industry, creating podcasts and writing books alongside running two businesses; NorburYoga (which specialises in providing individually tailored Yoga on a private basis) and Norbury Nutrition (providing personalised nutritional plans for individuals looking to improve their health). Abbie's keen interest in all things mental health comes from over 10 years of working with clients and the personal experience of dealing with anxiety, depression and CPTSD


Together Abbie and Sadie want to combine their skills to offer a fresh approach to the ongoing mental health narrative. While it's great that people are being encouraged to talk, they feel that the net needs to be cast wider and, through their podcast, they hope to educate empower and inspire others who know what its like to live like a white swan with the black dog looming.

sadie hopson

Sadie Hopson is a global trainer and strategy consultant specialising in the field of occupational health psychology. After a demanding career in the recruitment industry started to send her own mental health into decline, Sadie began to pursue an interest in psychology and mental health, particularly focusing on the impact our work can have on our own wellbeing. Now, with over nine years working in the industry and with a MSc in Workplace Health and Wellbeing, Sadie is considered an specialist in her field. Sadie has offered her expert advice during appearances on BBC One, BBC Radio and Talk Radio.


Today, Sadie runs two businesses, Euthenia Touch (which focuses on corporate interventions and training) and We Work Well (which specifically provides online solutions to SMEs). Having worked with clients across the world - including Apple, Spotify and Warner Bros - she has an in depth understanding of the dynamic between our modern lives and our mental health, specifically in relation to high functioning mental illness. With a combination of professional expertise, academic qualifications and personal experience dealing with anxiety, depression and CPTSD, Sadie is a passionate mental health advocate whose work is driven by a commitment to make a difference. 


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